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Agricultural solutions for a brighter future.

The Concept

The concept of Germinaid Innovations was originally established by cofounders and directors Ciara Judge and Emer Hickey after they won the 2014 Google Global Science Fair with their former classmate Sophie Healy-Thow. For their project, they used a natural soil bacteria called rhizobium to increase productivity of cereal crops such as barley. In the aftermath of their success, Ciara and Emer turned to investigate how they would commercialise their findings and decided to create Germinaid Innovations, a company under which they could brand their further research in the area, branch out into other areas of interest and eventually commercialise their findings.

The Future

Looking to the future, Germinaid Innovations has much to be excited about. Last summer was spent by our cofounders in personal development, where they prepared to move forward in this business at prestigious institutions such as MIT, LIYSF and Outbox Incubator. Short term, experimentation will be hyper localised to facilitate completion of studies, before expanding into advanced enzyme analysis, biomolecular experiments and large scale field trials in the future.

The Team

Ciara Judge and Emer Hickey are two eighteen year old students from the small town of Kinsale in Cork, Ireland and over recent years have attained international recognition for their youth science achievements.

Ciara and Émer with their teammate Sophie won the Google Global Science Fair in September 2014, for an innovation which aims to improve food crop productivity and assist the combat of world hunger. Over a three year period the girls used a naturally occurring bacteria called Rhizobium to speed up the germination and subsequent growth of cereal crops. They succeeded in decreasing germination time by 40% and increasing crop yield by over 50%. Their discovery has significant implications for future food crop production. As former winners of the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, Ireland’s National Science Fair, they represented Ireland in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in 2013 where they were also awarded First Place. In October 2014 they were recognised by Time magazine and the Huffington Post as being amongst the top 25 most influential teenagers in the world. The girls were named as ‘Rising Stars- Ones to Watch’ on Silicon Republic’s top 100 women in STEM. They have had the opportunity to speak at various conferences around Europe such as the EU Innovation Conference in Brussels, Accenture International Womens Day ‘Women in Stem’ Conference, Thought for Food Global Convention in Lisbon and WIRED Next Generation. They have also appeared on stage with Sir Richard Branson and addressed an audience of 12,000 in the Wembley Arena in London and a global online audience at a youth empowerment event called ’We Day’. Both Ciara and Emer plan to continue their studies at third level in University College Cork