My Spiderweb Life

Stories from a life that involves a lot of metaphorical juggling.

Sincerely, a feminist

The following is a blog post in response to a report by the BBC about a science fair where a boy was awarded first prize. I would suggest that before reading this you refer to the article to understand what I have to say. Now, this is probably a controversial opinion, but I feel it has to be said. Below is my understanding of the key details of the situation regarding the EDF Science Competition controversy.

How to overcome your education

‘How to overcome education.’ It’s quite sad to have to write that, isn’t it? But unfortunately with the way our system is built today, often young people are faced with that challenge.

Web Summit and why it was awesome

Awesome is such an American word, so I cringe when I use it (so does Emer), but it’s the only way I can describe last week at Web Summit.

More about me than you ever, ever want to know.

Roll up, roll up! Time to learn some useless facts about my life for the 'Liebster Award' that, let's face it, nobody actually wants to know. Cheers Harry for the nomination, because lets face it, as a Leaving Certificate student running two startups, I have loads of time on my hands. Well, lets begin, shall we?

One Year On

Today marks exactly one year since myself, Emer and Sophie were crowned winners of the Google Science Fair. I still remember exactly how I felt when our names were called out that night - my stomach was a clenched into a tight ball, my shoulders (I know, my shoulders?) were trembling, and my brain felt like there was fireworks going off inside - I remember a particular tingling sensation at the very top of my skull, just behind my forehead. That's the thing folks, it wasn't the pretty picture of butterflies in my tummy or anything like that. It was a wall of raw and complex emotion smacking me full force in the face.

Outbox IncuBAEtor

45 teenage girls under one roof, 24 hours a day, for six weeks. It sounds like a nightmare, right? That’s not the case, and here’s why: I think everyone who will reading this will have been aware of the Outbox Incubator. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I simply have to ask: under what rock are you living, and does it not get wifi?

Food for thought at Thought For Food

When we got an email last October from the organisers of a conference in Lisbon offering to fly us and our parents to Portugal, I’ll admit, I was puzzled: it was an awful lot of expense to go to for three girls from Ireland. It wasn’t until I arrived at the Thought for Food challenge that I realised, this was exactly where we needed to be.

The BT Young Scientist 2015

This was my 13th year attending the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, but I have to say, it certainly wasn’t unlucky. The thing about this rather special event is that it hits you like a wonderful brick in the face right after New Years, and you are treated to a fantastic few days before it suddenly ends and you are left to think of ways to make the rest of the year pass quickly, just so it can be time for the BT Young Scientist again.