Introducing Me

I’m a scientist, and public speaker from Kinsale in Ireland. When I was a teen, my involvement in youth science (specifically the BT Young Scientist, EU Young Scientist and Google Science Fair) granted me a platform to develop my passion for science communication. I spent some time time travelling the globe, spreading the message that young people, if given the right tools and support, can change the world. I did my undergraduate BSc in Genetics at University College Cork and a Masters in Computational Biology at University of Cambridge. Now, I am a PhD Student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a fantastic institute for the study of infectious disease and public health. I am interested in combining genomics and epidemiological models to curb the spread of arbovirus outbreaks. I also love music and sports, especially trampoline gymnastics. I love to dance, but I'm not any good at it, and my goal in life is to use science to improve the lives of people worldwide, particularly in the area of human health.

The Google Science Fair

I guess I am most known for winning the Google Science Fair in 2014. Myself and my teammates used a natural soil living bacteria to increase crop productivity by up to 74%, which could help solve the global food crisis.

Sometimes I talk

I aim to work at the interface of technology and biology to positively impact human health

My 2016 TEDxTeen Talk entitled 'Changing the World in Your Pyjamas'

Current Pursuits

I have taken a hiatus from public events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but will now begin assessing new opportunities on a case-by-case basis adhering to public health guidelines. I am also working on my PhD in infectious disease, and will share updates about that on Twitter.

Youth Outreach

I regularly speak at schools and youth focused events, to tell my story and encourage other young people to use their own talents to build a better world.

Corporate Events

I spend time consulting for companies and brands on how to best support young people both inside and outside their organisations.

Content Creation

A recent endeavour of mine is to be more creative! I do some work in graphic design, photography and videography for various sports teams and businesses.

Past Projects

Here are some projects I've worked on in the past


For my CompBio MPhil thesis at the University of Cambridge I worked with the European Bioinformatics Institute to create a pipeline for SARS-CoV-2 evolutionary analysis and epitope selection called EvoCov.

SCAMP Pipeline

For my undergraduate thesis at UCC I worked on a pipeline that enabled the automation of proteomic data on a website called Trips-Viz. This work contributed in a very small way to a publication on Nucleic Acids Research


I built a cancer evolution and metastasis simulator for one of my assignments at Cambridge, and enjoyed the process so much that I decided to keep working on it in my spare time. You can try it out by cloning this Github repo.

COVID-19 Explained

Last year, as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was just getting started, I was frustrated by the amount of misinformation online. So, I made a quick explainer video, emphasising the importance of consulting peer reviewed sources.

The Bratislava Declaration

I coauthored the Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers, which was commissioned by the Slovakian government in celebration of their term of EU presidency


I'm an alumn of the LaunchX summer entrepreneurship incubator and in 2019 worked as the Education and Training Coordinator across all three campuses of the program: MIT, Umich and Northwestern.


A smartphone application which allows you to discover critical information about the brands you buy from by scanning a barcode.


Global network that gives young people with big ideas the resources and guidance they need to turn them into reality.


An agricultural research company specialising in natural methods of increasing food productivity to aid the global food crisis.